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My Morphicon 2011 Photo Gallery

May 13-16, 2011: Morphicon 2011 - Furries in Wonderland

This year went off without a hitch, mostly trouble free, frozen oasis had its own conspace this time (which ran into a couple snags later on, but all is well), and there was an awesome magic show (of which it was hard to see). It felt a little layed back, a bit slower pace than I'm used to, didn't seem like as many people showed up as last year, and I know at least a dozen friends who were unable to attend due to finances or inability to get time off. However, I had a blast and so did most of everyone else there, this fox was wired and attentive.

Due to the fact I was uninformed furtopia's webhosting was going down, my pics have been unavailable for about a month now. I was forced to find a new host for my photos, and found one and reuploaded everything, so all the previous links have been updated to reflect this change. Still pending video uploads, I'll get around to it eventually ^^.
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My Anthrocon 2010 Photo Gallery

Another fun year in Pittsburgh, Another awesome convention, Anthrocon 2010 has come and gone, and we're all wishing it didnt have to end so soon!

I Present to you my Anthrocon 2010 Photo Gallery:

This time around I did not get a chance to have someone take pics of the parade for me, so there are not as many images as years past, also realizing indeed how crappy this camera is lol. Takes so dang long to recharge the flash between shots. Maybe next year I'll have a better camera, who knows.
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My Morphicon 2010 Photo Gallery

welp another fun year at Morphicon, the local furry con in Columbus (Worthington), Ohio, slight drop in attendance and whatever, but the atomic fun factor was right up there in the level of doom!

had to redownload alot of things since im on the new computer, so fox has been lazy, nothings labeled yet, and i've not got around to uploading the videos >.< will soon.
AquaFox (geenz)

My Morphicon 2009 & Anthrocon 2009 pics

forgot to post the pics for Morphicon in here so this is a double feature

May 15-17, 2009: there was a little bit of trouble with cameras, my polaroid got busted, the canon's CCD sensor went out, so i had to buy a new camera set me back $70 from walmart, in Columbus, Ohio

and finally heres the pics from the wonderful Anthrocon 2009: OMG Aliens! alot of fun to be had there, yet another record breaking year 3776 attending and 640 fursuits, obviously quite a bit more pictures were taken this year to accomodate. there were 1073 images but i had to delete a few bad shots and duplicates, leaving 1014, and 1 video. This new sanyo camera was a bit trigger happy on me... i am so gonna have to get a new canon, those IX series ones are really awesome. 

enjoy the pics, feel free to let me know who yall are in which pic, and if ya know of any untagged fursuiters or its not clear who they are and you know let me know so i can go back and label them when i have the time.
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Hurricane Ike

Well many of you know how bad Katrina hit several years ago, and it was predicted Ike would hit just as bad if not worse... I'll bet nobody expected it to hit Ohio! yeah that's right, Ike hit Ohio... 70-90MPH gusts with no rain mind you, just wind, blew several trees over, knocking out power to much of Northeast Ohio.

On the radio it was estimated about $1.93 million in damages statewide, the Governor declared a state of emergency on Ohio, some places are still level 3 and we were one of the "lucky" ones. Several large limbs blew off the tree and snapped hitting the house roof many times, one fell off and landed on Mom's car smashing in the roof and busting out a window, one which remained on the roof was later slammed with another and impaled my bedroom ceiling, a large 1.5inch thick branch sticking right above my doorway and a nice plaster mess on the floor.

Power was out since yesterday and for much of the affected area it may not be restored until Sunday-Monday next week. The good news is our power did come back on, and the $300 in food Mom just got a few days ago in the refrigerator is going to be safe! 

click here for pictures of our damage

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My Anthrocon 2008 Photo Gallery

I think it's due time for me to write a proper post to let you all know im not just some braindead jerk who doesnt know what to say, for once i feel like actually writing something here in my journal...

I died for a while in furry, my world seemed to be falling apart, lots of drama and depression, it finally ended, and then I came back to life woohoo, for once I was well prepaired and not stressed out at all, and well here I am again posting more pictures of what turned out to be the most awesome con experience to date.  Not only was this my 2nd time at Anthrocon, but this was also a year of some firsts for myself personally, as I got to eat out with friends and "family", I didnt lose my cell phone this time, and I got to go to a part of Pittsburgh I had never been to before, about 4 miles north of the Convention center, by walking.  This proved to be one rather exciting experience, got to 'suit again, I was in the parade and masquerade (twice!), and for the second year running I have volunteered, and surpassed everyone's expectations on staff apparently.

Below is a link to the gallery of photos I took for Anthrocon 2008, I've not got around to uploading the videos just yet so bear with me on that, when they are uploaded there will be thumbnails for that video.

All photos posted are 800x600, if you would like an original 4.0 MPixel copy send me a message (move the mouse over my icon), also if you have any requests/info about who's in what picture that would be useful, assuming its not easily readable in their badges. Please let me know ASAP. Also let me know if you have any pics/videos of myself, I'd love to see them.

This was my 4th con, 2nd time at AC.  A record breaking year, Anthrocon 2008, in its 12th year running and 3rd year in Pittsburgh... 3390 attending, 453 fursuiters in the parade, 40% increase on income on the city of Pittsburgh over last year (nearly $4 Million vs last years $2.3M), more news recognition, apparently we've hit the AP wire and went national, I'll expect next year to be even more fun.

I cant wait for the next con!  I think I am finally back on track, made up with some folks who had a rather low opinion of me and patched things up, we're all good now.  Some much due respect and recognition from friends and new friends were made in the process, overall Anthrocon 2008 was incredible. Let me know what you think.
Grey Zorro (Real) babyfox

My Midwest FurFest 2007 Photo Gallery

OK heres my pics i took at my 3rd con, lets just get this over with short and sweet, I havent had time to go label everything yet but i did some names, and im not sick but feeling pretty blah right now, i'll explain later.

as usual if anyone wants a copy of the high res original just send me a message, blah blah blah, you know the deal.
Aqua Tails

My Morphicon Picnic 2007 Photo Gallery

Here's my digital pics (and videos) taken with my Canon PowerShot A85 from the 4th Annual Morphicon Picnic, in Westerville, OH (Columbus) (August 25, 2007).

This was my first furry picnic ever :) I have as many of the thumbnails labeled as I can possibly do, please let me know if I made any mistakes or if you know whos in the "??" or unlabeled ones. Thanks. Comments welcome.
AquaFox (geenz)

My Anthrocon 2007 Photo Gallery

Here's my digital pics taken with my Canon PowerShot A85 from the 11th Annual Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA (July 4-8, 2007), credit goes to Nemmie for taking the Fursuit Parade pics while i was participating in that.

This was my second con ever, and first AC! Woohoo! I had lots of fun. Hope you did too!

Update: I have as many of the thumbnails labeled as I can possibly do, please let me know if I made any mistakes or if you know whos in the "??" or unlabeled ones. Thanks.